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Dahua IPC-EB5541P-S  

  • Setup a Starter UAP Tracker with a Dahua IPC-EB5541P-AS 5MP Fisheye camera connected via ethernet cable using a TP-Link TL-POE150S PoE Injector on your local area network.

  • The camera price is approximately 228.65 euros and offers a good starting point for observing the sky. There are of course many other brands and specifications to upgrade to. However our goal is to encourage everyone to setup a camera and look at the sky. Please note that I currently use this camera on the live stream. 

  • See below where you can buy the equipment, how to setup and live stream via YouTube !


basic setup guide uap tracker camera poe ethernet Dahua Fisheye 5 MP IPC-EB5541P-AS.jpg
  1. Buy the Dahua Fisheye IPC-EB5541P-AS 5 MP Camera from ebay here

  2. Buy the TP-Link TL-POE150S PoE Injector from Amazon here

  3. Dahua Camera Specification guide here

  4. Buy an SD card to put in the Dahua Fisheye camera here

  5. Dahua IPC-EB5541-AS Camera installation guide here

  6. To view your videos we suggest using the free VLC Media Player, download here 

Dahua IPC - EB5541P-AS Fisheye

  • The fields highlighted in green show the current settings ​​for the Dahua Fisheye camera on the live stream.

  • You can use all the same settings for your camera, please note it would be best to disable the mic for privacy issues.

  • The CAMERA NAME field is the name you provide for your camera.

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