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Reolink RLC 410 Camera

  • Setup a Starter UAP Tracker with a Reolink RLC 410 5MP camera connected via ethernet cable using a TP-Link TL-POE150S PoE Injector on your local area network.

  • The camera price is approximately 50.00 GBP and offers a good starting point for observing the sky. There are of course many other brands and specifications to upgrade to. However our goal is to encourage everyone to setup a camera and look at the sky. Please note that I currently use this camera on the live stream. 

  • See below where you can buy the equipment, how to setup and live stream via YouTube !


basic setup guide uap tracker camera poe ethernet.jpg
  1. Buy the Reolink 410 5MP Camera from Amazon here

  2. Buy the TP-Link TL-POE150S PoE Injector from Amazon here

  3. Buy an SD card to put in the Reolink 410 5MP camera here

  4. Reolink installation guide for the "Client" (camera software for Windows) here 

  5. Reolink support guide on how to install SD cards into the RLC 410 camera here 

  6. Reolink support guide on how to format SD cards here

  7. Reolink support guide on how to download videos from the camera's SD card using the "Client" software here

  8. Reolink support guide on setting up a privacy mask here

  9. Reolink support guide to setup motion detection here 

  10. To view your videos we suggest using the free VLC Media Player, download here 

RLC 410 Camera Settings

  • The fields highlighted in green show the current settings ​​for the Reolink South West facing camera on the live stream.

  • You can use all the same settings for your camera, please note it would be best to disable the mic for privacy issues.

  • The CAMERA NAME field is the name you provide for your camera.

rlc410 typical settings uap tracker camera south west live stream.png
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