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UAP Tracking Software List
  • This page features a variety of software that can be used with different types of camera to track objects in the sky. Please see descriptions below for further details.

UFOCaptureHD2 by Sonotaco - V4.63 2020/12/27
  • UFOCaptureHD2 by Sonotaco - V4.63 2020/12/27 - Time Shifted Motion Capture Software for HD

  • Supported systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, 32/64bit, all language versions.
    ( Detection is limited under 30min without license)

  • Process up to 4096x2160/60p un-compressed video real-time by parallel processing.

  • Checkout these interesting images / videos captured with the software here

  • UFOCaptureHD2 is motion capture software that starts recording on a hard disk drive of a computer from a few seconds before the action recognized to a few seconds after the action finished.
    UFOCaptureHD2 is software for Microsoft Windows and it is easy to build a satisfying observation system by using various video capture equipment on the market. Fantastic luminous phenomena have been captured using UFOCaptureHD2 such as meteors, Fireballs, Sprites, Elves, and Blue Jets, and much more unknown phenomena are waiting to be discovered. The price for UFOCaptureHD2 is 180 GBP as of 01/12/21 


  • Visit the Sonotaco site to purchase the software here

  • UFOCaptureHD2 night sky guide here


  • UFOAnalyzer, (by Sonotaco)  calculates precise direction and elevation of the event and UFOOrbit that gets an orbit of a fireball observed by more than two sites, are also available and very useful to precede the captured events.

  • Visit the Sonotaco site to get UFOOrbit and UFOAnalyser here

  • (scroll down the page to find the relevant software links)

UFODAP Optical Tracking software


Optical Tracking Data Acquisition Unit (OTDAU) software installable, with support and updates. Licensed for installation on all PCs that share a LAN with a UFODAS camera.

Visit UFODAP site here

ovni pan uap ufo tracker .png
ovni pan uap ufo tracker .png
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ovni pan uap ufo tracker .png
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ovni pan uap ufo tracker .png
ovni pan uap ufo tracker .png
ovni pan uap ufo tracker .png

​​UFO Detector Software by Version 0.7.8 Released 10/28/17

  • UFO Detector by  was originally an open-source project that provided software for UFO Detection. The software enabled you utilize your computer and camera to scan the skies for possible UFOs.

  • The software continuously analyses the sky for movement and will omit the obvious and explainable objects. When it sees, what it believes, can be a UFO; it will record the video in the best available quality, and save the clip for you to review later.

  • Although the project is no longer live you can still download the software from The Black Vault here

  • Instructions are also on the same page as the download.

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