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  • ADSB Exchange is a flight tracking website that provides free real time tracking of aircraft. It can track military and hidden aircraft that use ADSB transponders. 
  • ADSB Exchange operates a bit differently from other flight tracking sites. As a group of aviation enthusiasts, the primary goal is to answer the question of “what’s up there” rather than “is grandma’s flight on-time”.
  • You’ll never see an aircraft censored or “blocked” from the site. If one of our feeders is receiving it, the data will be there. This includes military, and other aircraft that attempt to be “unlisted”. Hint: to see some of the planes not shown by other sites, from the map page, right-hand column, Filters -> LADD -> Filter. This primarily applies to US registered aircraft.
  • The map will attempt to detect your location automatically as long as you allow your browser to do provide the info, if you want a more precise locations, or a different location then where you currently are you can set it with a URL parameter like so:


  • By using ADSB Exchange on the live stream I am able to record historical tracking information during the entire stream.

  • Get started with ADSB Exchange here


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