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UAP Tracker Project FAQs 
  • What is UAP Tracker ?

  • UAP Tracker Project features a live stream on YouTube watching the skies for anomalous events. The stream normally lasts 12 hours (eg 7am to 7pm French time).  Due to YouTube restrictions the maximum length for a continuous live stream and the video being saved is 12 hours.  

  • UAP Tracker aims to inspire more people to set up a basic camera to observe the sky by featuring the recommended camera and software in use on the live stream. In addition to the live stream 'setup guides' are also provided for the Reolink and Dahau cameras, passive forward scatter radar and additional hardware / software.

  • What equipment does UAP Tracker use and how much does it cost ?

  • Reolink RLC410 bullet camera costs 47.99 GBP as of 26/11/21

  • Dahua IPC-EB5541P-AS 5MP Fisheye camera costs approx 180.00 GBP as of 26/11/21

  • TP-Link TL-POE150S PoE Injector costs 13.49 GBP as of 26/11/21

  • RTL-SDR V3 Dongle from the website 22.51 GBP as of 26/11/21

  • VK162 GPS Mouse (USB) by DIYmalls costs approximately 20.00 GBP as 26/11/21

  • ADSB Exchange Aircraft tracking software free

  • Stellarium planetarium software free

  • SDR Console V3 used for passive forward scatter radar free

  • Spectrum Lab used for passive forward scatter radar free

  • U-Blox U-Centre software used with the VK162 GPS mouse free

  • VB Audio Spectralissime software free

  • Motion tracking software free

  • Oracle VM Virtual Box software free

  • Ubuntu operating system software free

  • Diamond 5 element 2M Yagi Antenna costs 45.00 GBP as of 26/11/21

  • RG213 - 50 ohm military grade coax per metre costs 1.30 GBP as of 26/11/21

  • Pigtail SMA Male to S0239 UHF patch lead costs 9.95 GBP as 26/11/21

  • Eaton Ellipse ECO 500 FR – Off-Line UPS – EL500FR – 500VA (4 prises FR)

  • Costs of PC's and Jetson Nano 

  • What is the VK162 GPS being used for?

  • The VK162 GPS module receives GPS data through the Standard NMEA Protocol format. It can receive GPS signals from American GPS satellite, Euro Galileo satellite, and  SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) satellite. (Disruption to data or loss of communication maybe expected during an event)

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