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Reolink RLC410
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Camera Information
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  • UAP Tracker is a daily live stream on YouTube watching the skies for anomalous events. Interesting events captured on the live stream and from motion tracking software are uploaded after the live stream ends.  Links are then posted in the recorded live stream video description and comment sections.

  • It features consumer grade technology available from online stores.

  • Hardware featured in the stream include the affordable Reolink RLC410 bullet camera 5MP (x2) and  Dahua IPC-EB5541P-AS Fisheye camera 5MP.

  • Passive forward scatter radar is also featured and made possible by using the RTL2832U V3 dongle with free software SDR Console V3 and Spectrum Lab.

  • ADSB Exchange is used for its "unfiltered" capability to track hidden and military aircraft that use ADS-B transponders.

  • Motion tracking software UAP@HOME Beta and Motion V4.4.0 are currently being tested on Win10 and Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

  • VK162 GPS Mouse (USB) used with U-Blox U-Centre software provides GPS / altitude / compass / 2D and 3D acceleration and satellite strength. 


  • Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye.

  • VB Audio Spectralissime, audiospectrum analyzer is free and used to display / route the audio signal from SDR Console / Spectrum Lab to the live stream.

  • Friture is free and helps you to understand audio data with several widgets / spectrum analyzer / rolling 2D spectrogram / fraction-of-octave analysis - currently being tested on the live stream for basic audio analysis.


Find out more about the skies above you, see links below.

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